CITYX Venice- Jose Alfano
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Cam An Riverfront Hoi An
Cam An Riverfront Hoi An
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Cam An Riverfront Hoi An
Cam An Riverfront Hoi An

Notice POSTED  22-5-2021  

José A. Alfano, Alfano Studio invited to participate at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Virtual Pavilion Sezione del Padiglione Italia. Curated by Tom Kovac, RMIT University and Alessandro Melis Portsmouth University titled CITYX Venice responds to  ‘How will we live together' curated by Hashim Sarkis MIT, organised by La Biennale di Venezia. The exhibition opening will be taking place on Saturday 22 May at 10.00 am CET.

We Selected this Project For a number of reasons the least of which are that it has been subject of a great deal of consideration and research into an integrated Tripple Bottom Line response to absolute environmental sustainability & performance with respect to resilience and remediation, at the time of its inception the project was benchmarked as Australia's First "Regenerative Development" .

This Project is part of our ongoing efforts in this Regenerative and Biophilic Design Space. We are currently working on 6 similarly environmentally complex projects ranging from Brazil, Continental USA, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and the EU. We are very Honored to be included in the 2021 City X Venice  /  Italian Virtual Pavilion effort. 

Nunduk is an Off Grid - Health and Wellbeing Facility using regenerative sustainability principles. The proposed land for this project is located on the southern shores of the remote Lake Wellington in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. The facility will be a multi -faceted development demonstrating world leadership in Heath And Wellbeing Programs,  Biophilic Design and Environmental Sustainability. The development is underpinned by site specific geothermal assets servicing the spas hot spring bathing and as well a diverse installation of renewable energy resources and systems supporting the facility’s Net Carbon Positive operational model .

The site’s ecology continues to be significantly degraded from the effects of salinization attributed to climate change. The Project is located within the 60,000 Hectare Gippsland Lakes UNESCO RAMSAR protected wetland designated system.  The Project has been developed in acknowledgement and consultation with the Gunaikurnai the traditional owners of this country.

The development plans to use a touch lightly approach preserving significant and valuable habitat and regenerate degraded areas to create land with improved ecological value. Lifted above the salt layer, this Project aspires to bring back a broader diversity and vitality to the natural environment.

The Project Received Local Government Planning Approval July 2019  and Approved by the Governors In Council February 2021 

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